Why Bias?


The best service

We are not only committed to providing the very best service, but we also know that good support is not only quick and reliable support, but also pro-active support. If we do our job really, really well, no-one knows we have done anything at all…


IT is a business which requires us to keep up to date. But we tirelessly improve our support systems, applying what we learn from each customer to all other customers. We continuously generate new technologies and code to monitor, manage, optimise and protect our customer networks, servers and workstations.


We leverage our size and connections to access discount pricing from our suppliers. We have spent a very long time honing our systems to be able to provide excellent services and products from the leading vendors at remarkable discounts.

We know our clients

Our clients come from diverse sectors. Manufacturing, law, medicine, hospitality, the list is remarkably broad. But we pride ourselves in not just solving IT issues, we relish the opportunity to come up with clever and cost-effective solutions and innovations for our clients.

One-stop shop

Not only can we provide a broad and deep range of services which operate seamlessly under Bias management, but we are also really good at integrating your business and IT with third-party vendors. We never leave you out in the cold.


SLA and casual pricing available. Complete turnkey solutions, managed services. From as little as $25 per 15 minutes.

Find Out How Bias Can Help

Connect to the cloud now for reliable, redundant, well maintained and economical solutions for telephones and computers. Spend less time managing your IT systems with a tailored, all in one solution - and free up more time to concentrate on your business.

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