do IT better

VoIP and  cloud telephony

When only the best in quality will do.
Feature-rich, affordable and amazingly easy to deploy.


The best of the cloud

Facilities in the very best data centres.
Australian hosting without compromise.
Managed, easy and superbly reliable.

Everything IT


Premium quality VoIP services. Cloud PBX and feature rich phones open up a world of possibilities for less than you are paying now.

Internet & Data

The best internet connections and point to point connections. Up to 100 times NBN speeds. Dark fibre, wireless, copper. Fully monitored and managed.


Cloud solutions for on-demand access to shared data and resources. Premium locations locally and worldwide. Private, public and hybrid cloud.


What makes us different. We love IT and we care about our customers. We make the effort so everything becomes easy for you. We just do IT better.

IT the way IT should be

The Right People

Not only does Bias have highly qualified people, but we love what we do and we love to help. We pride ourselves in our skill, integrity and ability to think and act in your best interests. We strive to earn respect and trust and it shows – that’s what gets us customer referrals time after time.
Find out what you’re missing.

The best products

Robust, business grade performance and reliability. Why choose a generic PC when you can buy the best.
Great for business, great for home and the kids. We can easily integrate your Apple environment with Windows.
HP. The only serious choice in servers. Multiple distributed and redundant systems. Awesome performance.
Quality printers and scanners and maintenance. Don't waste your time and money. Buy right, buy once.