The Right People

Not only does Bias have highly qualified people, with certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Australian Communications Authority amongst others, but importantly we can speak plain English and translate IT questions into a language you can understand and make decisions easier for you.

We pride ourselves in our skill, integrity and ability to think and act in your best interests – that’s what gets us customer referrals time after time.

Established in 1989

Bias has been servicing industry’s IT needs with experience in extensive technologies and platforms with a focus on customer service for over 25 years. We must be doing something right.

Range of Skilled Engineers

A range of skill-sets and qualifications with

  • ACA

and other important certifications

Publisher Details

BIAS Electronics is a registered business name of
Capital Entertainment Centre Pty Ltd
ABN 70 001 468 140

Street Address:
4, 20 Maddox St,
Alexandria NSW 2015


Privacy Policy

We collect aggregate information on what pages users or visit and information volunteered by the users such as specific requests to be added to our mailing list. We never give out this information to other companies, and any details given to us are treated in confidence. You will not end up on someone else’s mailing list.

We do the best we can to keep information up to date on this site. We can, however, make errors, so before making any decisions that will cost you money, you should confirm the details upon which you rely, but you knew that anyway. For more information, please contact us

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